Living Breathing Yoga (LB Yoga) is about living your yoga "on" and "off" the mat. It's about bringing peace, strength and balance to all aspects of your life.

Founded in 2010 by Laura-Beth Power as a platform for her freelance yoga business, LB Yoga runs challenging, approachable and uplifting classes, specialized workshops and unique events in studios, schools and offices across the province. You can find her at Exhale Pilates and Yoga in Churchill Square for her main drop in adult classes. 


Laura-Beth (LB) is a certified yoga and meditation teacher who has been practicing yoga since 2004. LB believes that the practice of yoga is for everyone and sees it as an integral component in achieving optimal health and positive well-being. Drawing from a variety of styles and trainings she aims to expand the yoga community by offering accessible, inspiring and passionate classes to all ages.


Yoga is a tool to awaken one’s fullest potential: physically, intellectually and spiritually. With a blend of compassion and humour LB encourages students to maximize their opportunity, both on and off the mat by being mindful and making choices that are sustaining to both the individual and the earth. Join her on the mat for a journey towards strength, confidence, peace and ease.

For class, workshop and presentation inquiries please email


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